7, February, 2014

I am a recent convert to Snapseed!

I have to say that I have never really bothered too much with iPad and iPhone photography apps too much. If I want to post something I would rather open it up in Lightroom or Photoshop and have a play with it. That is until I tried out the free (yes, that's right...FREE) app called Snapseed.

Now I not going to produce an intensive blog about the ins and outs of the app, nor am I going to show a filter by filter low down. What I will do is show you one filter primarily.....HDR SCAPE! And what a filter it is in my opinion.

I am a fan of HDR effect images, but I'm not a fan of over effected images. I loaded a couple of images from my phone into Snapseed and applied the HDR Scape filter and was blown away by the look it can produce.

This is cafe scene I snapped with my phone a few weeks ago. The first image is the original and the second has the HDR Scape filter applied; a second B&W filter was also then applied on top. The while process took a few seconds. the image was then run through Lightroom to reduce the nose in the shot and the border applied

Above, the original image

After applying Snapseed's HDR Scape Filter

The final shot having been through Lightroom to reduce some noise and a slight vignette applied

Now this is all great news for a smart phone or tablet shot, but what about an image from a camera? Well, unfortunately there is bad news!! But that can be tempered with some good! First the good news, when using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can edit your Google+ images in the desktop version of Snapseed. Now the bad news....the HDR Scape filter is not included!! I nestle can't find anywhere online that says if it will become part of the functionality of the edit tools in Chrome for Google+ or not.

That all said there is a work around!! With every Google+ account comes Google Drive. So in this next case example I loaded the image to Google Drive and then opened the image up in Snapseed on my iPad. This then enabled me to use the HDR Scape filter and save the file.

Here are some more before and after images from a 2004 trip to Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Each one was exported to Google Drive, Opened in Snapseed on my iPad and adjusted using HDR Scape. The odd tweak, especially dust spot were removed in PS or Lightroom.

Elgol, Isle of Skye

Rannoch Moor

Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye

Included in the app are other tools including B&W options, Vintage, cropping, auto adjusts etc; but for me the App is priceless for the HDR Scape filter

Larger versions of these images can be seen on our Landscapes Page

Thank you for reading


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