Social Event Photography Kit Bag - Part 1(Modifiers)

23, August, 2014

I am frequently asked "what kit do you use for events?" So here us a brief overview of the kit I use and why.

At a typical Social Event, and with enough space I will us up to 9 lights!! Each one of them has a specific purpose. At any one given time any combination could be from 1 light, to 6 lights, depending upon the effect I may be looking for. 

I have found over the years that lights are a personal choice, with many event photographers opting for either Bowens, Lencarta, iLux or my prefered choice Elinchrom. This blog isn't a "you should buy these lights and modifiers because they are the Dogs Nuts". Rather it's Blog about what I prefer. Contrary to popular belief, I own all of my own equipment, and have some kit on loan.

The Elinchrom 135cm Octa

I really love the soft diffused light I can get from this modifier. As with all of the modifiers I use they have a multi function. The crisp sharp light that this produces when stripped of is diffusers is very satisfying. I will use this sometimes as a fill light and often as a key light.

The Elinchrom 100cm Deep Octa
Soft directional light. I predominantly use this as a key light in my set up.
The Elinchrom 110cm x 90cm Softbox
This is one of the most used lights in my set up. It forms part of my split light arrangement. It is used with an egg grate grid to avoid spilling light on the the backdrop when I want to avoid it.

Egg crate grid for the above 110x90cm Softbox

Elinchrom Strip boxes

Ideal for accent and fill lights. It often also gets used in a "Clam Shell" arrangement.

One of my all time favourite modifiers, the Elinchrom 44cm Beautydish. The versatility of this light seems almost endless. It can be a large reflector, or a beautydish if you use one of  the Elinchrom deflectors. But it really comes into it's own when used in conjunction with the metal grid that is available. Strong harsh, extremely directional light.
Grid for the 44cm Reflector above

* All of the above can be purchased from The Flash Centre


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