11, March, 2020 Blog
On a workshop last week I came across a bug in the latest version of Photoshop 2020cc.The problem arises whilst trying to create a new mask when ......
10, May, 2018 Blog
Why You Need a Good Chef and Food Photographer
Garlic Prawns! Why a good chef and a food photographer are perfect together Much of my food photography is done by using available natural light alrea.....
7, June, 2017 Blog
A rain day on the golf course. The Lightroom process we went through to create a preset for all images on the day. ......
6, June, 2017 Blog
My Youtube video about Adobe Lightroom Colour Filtering system ......
20, January, 2017 Blog
Chocs For Chance Photo Shoot
On the 19th January I was honoured to once again provide the photography for the promotional pictures for the Chocs for Chance charity event. For more ......
24, August, 2016 Blog
Daytime Flash
At one of my recent Architectural Workshops we had a gloriously hot and sunny day. I had promised to demonstrate the benefits of using a Pro ......
4, August, 2016 Blog
HDR - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
A lot is said about HDR and how it looks fake. Well, that was the old days, and much of the results were due to tone mapping. What we would use in the ......
3, June, 2016 Blog
Food Fest!!!
What a brilliant week this has been! I have had the joy to have been photographing some wonderful plate of food t two completely contrasting Rest ......
6, May, 2016 Blog
How was it done? Well here are the clues!Base imageMe at work with the Profoto B1The outcome.I'll leave the rest to you to figure out. It involves Pho ......
28, April, 2016 Blog
Simple Food Photography
Sometimes it is not necessary to splash out on expensive lights and modifiers, sometimes simple things around the house can make a difference. Wh ......
17, December, 2015 Blog
My Architectural Photography Kit List
Over the last year photography for me has changed so much. In 2014 I was shooting the occasional hotel and only really just finding my feet. ......
28, April, 2015 Blog
London April 2015
Images from a recent evening by the Thames, in London.
15, December, 2014 Blog
Lightroom Presets
Why do we use Lightroom presets are Social Events? There are many reasons, however one of the primary ones is the ability to use Preset alterations in ......
20, November, 2014 Blog
Christmas Parties - Should I? Or Shouldn't I?
I am often asked about Christmas Parties and do I do them? I have done many in the past, some with from as little as 80 guests attending, to over ......
19, November, 2014 Blog
NEW!!!Are you struggling with aspects of Lightroom? Especially the functionality of, or implementing of plugins? Then maybe here is the answer. Over t ......
6, October, 2014 Blog
If you would like to find out more about my courses please register your interest below for any any news and information.Thank you[FORM] ......
3, October, 2014 Blog
Event Photography Winter Courses
I will once again be running my Winter Event Photography Courses.As yet the structure, Location and Dates have not been determined. I am currently att ......
23, August, 2014 Blog
Social Event Photography Kit Bag - Part2 (Lights)
Following on from the last Blog post, this one concentrates on LightsAs I mentioned previously, I use Elinchrom lights and have done for 5 years, ......
23, August, 2014 Blog
Social Event Photography Kit Bag - Part 1(Modifiers)
I am frequently asked what kit do you use for events? So here us a brief overview of the kit I use and why.At a typical Social Event, and with enoug ......
27, May, 2014 Blog
London Euston Hilton Hotel
A recent commission was to photograph some rooms at the Hilton Hotel in London Euston. The pictures will be be used by Hilton for website advertising. ......
20, April, 2014 Blog
Hilton Paddington London
Photographs from the commissioned shoot at the Hilton Hotel at Paddington station in London.The hotel is currently building a new wing to the hotel, a ......
9, April, 2014 Blog
Lightroom Mobile App
I have have read several reviews today of the new Lightroom Mobile, all of them by computer geek IT guys, and none from a photographers viewpoint. I t ......
22, March, 2014 Blog
OMD E-M1 and the Eye-Fi Card
I thought I'd share a couple of things about the OMD E-M1 and the Eye-Fi combination. Today I photographed 170+ abseilers on a job at Old Trafford, th ......
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